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Product Item: RTD168L77
Category: >100mm
Demension (mm):D168*L77mm
Output Shaft:None/Custom made
Max Torque (Nm):50Nm
Motor wires outside of shell:6AWGx300mm
Connector: 10mm golden connector
Kv Optional:120KV,82KV,61KV,49KV,35KV
Working Voltage Range: 8S -54S
Continuous Max Working Power:17-23KW


Reacher Tech Max 50kw 50Nm rated 20kw 30Nm BLDC Motor

Reacher Tech RTD168L77 Outrunner Motor with water-cooling Specification
Model P/N D168L77-120 D168L77-82 D168L77-61 D168L77-49 D168L77-35
Coil Turns 2T 3T 4T 5T 7T
Working Voltage Range 8S-16S (30-67.2V) 16-22S (60-92.4V) 22-32S (81-134.4V) 22-38S (81-159.6V) 32-54S (118-226.8V)
Max RPM 8064 7577 8198 7820 7938
KVRPM/V 120KV 82KV 61KV 49KV 35KV
Kt(N*M/A) 0.0979 0.138 0.184 0.23 0.301
Current @8.4V No Loading 3.9A 3.3A 2.7A 2A 1.6A
Continuous Max Working Power 17KW 18KW 20.9KW 19.5KW 23KW
Peak current (A) 680A 530A 410A 330A 260A
Continuous Max Working Current (A) 330A 260A 200A 160A 130A
Effeciency >90% 91% 92% 91% >91%
Weight (kg) 7.2kg 7.1kg 7.1kg 7kg 7kg
max torque@60%N*M) 41Nm 46.5Nm 46Nm 46.8Nm 47Nm
Rating Torque @ 80% N*M) 32Nm 35.8Nm 36.8Nm 37.2Nm 39Nm
Construction 36N/40P
Demension (mm) D168*L77mm
Output Shaft N/A
Max Torque (Nm) 50N*M
Motor wires outside of shell 6AWGx300mm
Connector 10mm
Service Life 10000H