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Product Item: D85L135S-WC
Category: 80mm
Model No:D85L135S-WC
Winding Turns:3T-9T
Working Voltage Range:8S-36S
KV(RPM/V):280,240,210,170,140,120,105,93 Optional
Max Power (kw):13kw
Max Efficiency>87%
Max Torque (Nm):20.2Nm
Rated Power (kw):10-11KW
Net Weight:3kg


Please Note:

This motor is with watercooling jacekt version, you must have extra pump to make it water cooling.If you need to use the motor in the air, please select the with watercooling jacket water-cooled version.

IP68 fully waterproof motor must be completely immersed in water for use, so that the motor can work with complete heat dissipation.
If you need to use the motor in the water, please select the ip68 waterproof version.

If the motor burnt due to the incorrect use there with no warranty!!!

Reacher Tech D85L135S-WC Motor Specification
Model No D85L135S-WC-280 D85L135S-WC-240 D85L135S-WC-210 D85L135S-WC-170 D85L135S-WC-140 D85L135S-WC-120 D85L135S-WC-105 D85L135S-WC- 93
Winding Turns 3T 3.5T 4T 5T 6T 7T 8T 9T
Working Voltage Range 8-12S 10-14S 12-16S 12-18S 16-24S 16-28S 16-34S 16-36S
Max RPM 14112 14112 14112 12852 14112 14112 14112 14062
KVRPM/V) 280KV 240KV 210KV 170KV 140KV 120KV 105KV 93KV
KT (N*M/A) 0.0387 0.0461 0.0518 0.0648 0.0778 0.0908 0.1037 0.1167
No Load Current at 8.4V 2.8A 2.6A 2.4A 2.2A 2A 1.8A 1.6A 1.3A
Max Power (W) 12500W 12700W 12800W 13000W 13200W 13300W 13500W 13600W
Peak Current (A) 380A 330A 300A 250A 220A 220A 220A 180A
Max Efficiency 87% 87.0% 88% 89% 89% 89% 89% 89%
Max Torque (Nm) 14.3Nm 16Nm 17.5Nm 19.2Nm 19.2Nm 19.2Nm 19.2Nm 20.2Nm
Rated Power (W) 10300W 10500W 10080W 11000W 11300W 11500W 11700W 11800W
Net Weight 3kg 3kg 3kg 3kg 3kg 3kg 3kg 3kg
Construction 12N/10P
Max Working Temperature 120 Centigrade
Motor Dimension (mm) Diameter 99.8mm*Length 134mm
Shaft Diameter (mm) 12mm
Wire Length (mm) 150±5MM
Connector 10mm golden plug
Service Life 10000 hours