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Product Item: RTD85L130
Category: 80mm
Construction :18N/6P
Stator Size:D80*L70mm
Operational Voltage: 60V 14S
Max RPM:16000/16650RPM
KV: 270/330
Without Loading Current @8.4V :4.5A/5.7A
Maximum Power(W):12KW/13KW
Maximum Current(A):350A/380A


Reacher 85130 high toqure inrunner 14Nm 60v IP68 waterproof brushless dc motor 12kw for electric hydrofoil

Note: All our products are designed for RC Area, if you are not in this area and don't have the knowledge of brushless dc motor, please Do Not Directly pay before inquiry from us. All of our brushless dc motor need to work together with speed controller, speed controller need to buy by separately.

Product Description

The Reacher Tech RTD85L130 Brushless DC Motor is designed for electric hydrofoil, surfboard, Jet Board,electric foil,surfboard hydrofoil, small boat and so on.

Smaller Size,Space Saving. Lighter Weight, Quick Response. Low Price, High Performance-Price Ratio.

Product Parameters

Please Note IP68 waterproof Version motor can be only work under the water directly for cooling. If you work in the air, the max power should decreased around 30-40%, so suggest you try with watercooling jacket version.

RT Motor D85L130-270 D85L130-330
Working Voltage 14S 60V 14S 60V
Max RPM 16000rmp 16650rmp
KV (RPM/V) 270KV 330KV
No Load Current @8.4V 4.5A 5.7A
Max working temperature 120 degree 120 degree
Max Power 12000W 13000W
Peak Current 350A 380A
Effeciency 86.0% 86.0%
Max Torque@60% Efficiency 14NM 13NM
Rated Power@80% Efficiency 7800W 8100W
Rated Torque@80% Efficiency 5.2NM 4.5NM
Stator Demension(mm) D80*L70 D80*L70
Motor Demension(mm) D85*L130 D85*L130
Shaft Demension(mm) D10*L30 D10*L30
Wire Length (mm) 150±5MM 150±5MM
Connector 10mm golden plug 10mm golden plug
Net Weight 2.8Kg 2.8Kg
Service Life 10000h 10000h

OEM/ODM Order question

We can custom made whatever brushless dc motor and servo you want. Before you give us inquirey, please supply below requirements to us, the more details you can offer, the better suggestion we can give.

For the motors please let us know your requirements:

1. Please choose inrunner motor or outrunner motor you need.

2. Do you have motor diameter and length limited?

3. What working voltage you will use for this motor?

4. What's your expected rated power?

5. What's your expected RPM?

6. You battery pack can bear how high peak current?

7. You estimated yearly sales qtys?

8. Do you need the speed controller together or if you have your own speed controller, please let us know the specifications.

9. Other requirements if you need, for example, wire length, connector types and so on.

Contact Us directly via Trade Manager or send us email both ok, we will reply ASAP in 24 hours.