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Product Item: RTS4070-6P cooling can
Category: 40mm
No Load Current: 2.0+/-0.5
Working Voltage :7.4-26V
Max Power (W): 1800W
Peak Current (A): 180A
Max Efficiency (%) :91%
Working Temperature :130℃
Diameter*Length :D36*L70
Weight (g):363.6g


Product Description

Advanced Racing Series 4&6 Poles Sensored Brushless DC Motor

The engineers of Reacher Tech have developed a brand new sensored brushless motor based on the 4-pole and 6-pole sensorless motors they have developed with deep studies that is distinct from others in the market .

The defect of regular motor in current market is that the detection of sensor will be intervened by the electromotance caused by the coil due to the fact that the sensores of regular ones decide the phase by the direct detection of working magnet position.

The rotator of our new motor contains a magnet that is processed especially for the phase position detection which let the magnet itself stay far away from the coil to avoid the intervention and therefore get the more smooth operation and high performance.

The features of Advanced-Racing
* Offering the stable and steady start.
* Obtaining the powerful impulse together with stronger torque.
* The acceleration is sharper and smoother.
* The Aluminium alloy shell has been added in the improved cooling system.
* The motor contains the gold welded banana connecotors.
* High-quality silicon steel sheets.
* High accurate balanced rotator.

Product Parameters

Model No RTS3652-4P RTS3652-6P RTS3661-4P RTS3661-6P RTS4070-4P RTS4070-6P
KV(RPM/V) 3300 3800 3900 4300 2100 1800

No Load Current

at 7.2V (A)

2.8+/-0.5 3.0+/-0.5 2.5+/-0.5 3.5+/-0.6 2.5+/-0.5 2.0+/-0.5

Working Voltage

Range (V)

4.5-12.6 4.5-12.6 4.5-16.8 4.5-16.8 6.0-26 7.4-26
Max Power (W) 330 380 500 600 1500 1800
Peak Current (A) 110 140 150 160 150 180
Max Efficiency (%) 91% 91% 91% 91% 91% 91%

Working Temperature

Range (C/F)

130℃ 130℃ 130℃ 130℃ 130℃ 130℃



D35.8*L52 D35.8*L52 D35.8*L62 D35.8*L62 D36*L70 D36*L70
Weight (g) 174.6 204.8 210 209.5 280 363.6
Connector Type 3.5mm golden plug 4.0mm golden plug 4.0mm golden plug
Wire Length (mm) 115 115 155
Output Shaft (mm) D3.175*L15 D5.0*L15 D5.0*L15

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