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RT14S300A-BEC (Sensorless)

Category: Brushless ESC
Max Continuous Current(A):300A
BEC output: 5V/1.5A
Voltage/Battery Range:20-60V/6-14S LiPo


Reacher Tech 14S 60V 300A Waterproof ESC Specification
Part No. RT14S300A-BEC (Sensorless)
Max Continuous CurrentA) 300A
Max Working CurrentA) 500A for a few seconds
BEC output 5V/1.5A
Compatible motor D65L161,D85L135,D85L165,D107L125
Voltage/Battery Range 20-60V/6-14S LiPo
Dimensionmm L166*W96*H51
Net Weightg 1.2kg
Connector Terminal
Wire Gauge 6-8AWG
Wires to Receiver 3 wire with water proof connector
IP Rating IP67
ESC temperature warning 100/settable
Motor temperature warning 100/settable
Receiver Signal PPM,1-2ms

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