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Category: 70mm
Winding Turns:2T-4T
Working Voltage:15-159V
Max RPM:13020
Max Torque:13.9Nm
Rated Current (A):150
Max Efficiency:>90%


12N/10P14Nm 8800w bldc motor e-foil

Please Note IP68 waterproof Version motor can be only work under the water directly for cooling. If you work in the air, the max power should decreased around 30-40%, so suggest you try with watercooling jacket version.

Reacher Tech D75L165 BLDC Motor Specification
Model No D75L165-235 D75L165-160 D75L165-145 D75L165-100 D75L165-74
Winding Turns 2T-D 3T-D 2T 3T 4T
Working Voltage 5-12S 15-48.8V 6-16S 18-75.6V 8-20S 25-84V 10-28S 32-117.6V 10-38S 32-159.6V)
Max RPM 11468 12096 12180 11760 11810
KV 235 160 145 100 74
No Load Current @8.4V 2.8A 2.6A 2.5A 2.3A 1.8A
Max PowerKW 8.7 8.7 8.6 8.6 8.8
Max TorqueKg*cm)/Nm 138Kg*cm/ 13.8Nm 139Kg*cm/ 13.9Nm 143Kg*cm/ 14.3Nm 140Kg*cm/ 14Nm 139Kg*cm/ 13.9Nm
Peak Current (A) 270 200 190 150 120
Max Efficiency >90% >90% >91% >92% >92%
Net Weight (kg) 3.4 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.6
Construction 12N/10P
Dimension(mm) D75*L165
Shaft Dimension D12*34mm+M8*25
Wire Length 1.5m
Connector 10mm
Working Life 10000H

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